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Advanced Audio Recorder
"You can record streaming audio, Mic input, Line-in input, Quick Time, Real Player, Flash, games, as well as CDs and DVDs. Recorded sound can be saved in wav-file format, mp3 format, OGG format or WMA format." -

Advanced Audio Recorder > Fade in or fade out

Fade in or fade out

1, Click the File>Open in main menu.

2, Refer to time scale in the foot of the waveform, select a start time and click on (You should better click on the near middle of two channels in waveform, because whichever you click the above channel or underneath, you just get a single time scale what you clicked.).

3, Drag you pointer to a time scale what you want to finished. If you can not get a time or sample scale exactly, you can input the number of time or sample in Edit Box of “Selection” on the right corner. If “Selection” can not appear on the upper right corner, you can get it from View > Panels> Selection in main bar.

4, Click Transform>Fade (In / out) in the “Effect” panel. Next click “Apply”.
5, Finished fade music in with a parameter from Start 0% to End 100%. You also can input the number of time or sample in Fade Box that you need. If you like return to your operation, you just click Edit>Undo in main menu.

6, Assume the start parameter as 50% and End parameter as 100%, that means the parameter of starting sound is half of original’s whereas the Ending sound same as original’s. If you assume the starting parameter of sound as 0, the sound will start stronger and stronger from the beginning parameter 0. If the parameter over 100%, the sound will become stronger than before whichever you are Fade music in or out.

7, When you want to fade music out, you can input the number of time or scale from Start 0% to End 100% in Fade Box. Of cause you should keep the Start parameter bigger than the End. At the moment, the sound will turn softer and softer until finishing.
(Actually, assume100% as the sound parameter in the End of Fade music in or the Start of Fade music out)

For instance, you fade music in from 20% to 100%, you can input the number of parameter in Fade Box following: (Reverse to fade music out)

Fade in Start (%) 20 End (%) 100

The wave data will be linearly faded from the starting magnitude Start to the ending magnitude End.

Click here to download the free demo version.